Ignatius Piazza


Concealed Carry Training for Celebrities

Concealed carry training is one of the most important forms of firearms training that a person should pursue. One reason for this is because different states have different rules and regulations regarding the carry of a concealed firearm and if the carrier is not familiar with those rules and are caught carrying a concealed firearm, the punishment could be severe. But who can get concealed carry training and from where would he get it?

Anyone who considers carrying a concealed weapon, whether it be a shotgun, rifle, handgun, or even a knife, should take a concealed carry training course. Especially if that individual is a celebrity. Some people believe that it is crucially important for a celebrity to pursue a course in concealed carry training due to the media attention and visibility of their lives and the firearms or knives that they may carry should be concealed properly and legally. But where can a person find concealed carry training or even shotgun training, rifle training and handgun training while also remaining "concealed" from the media?

The greatest place for these individuals to get concealed carry training is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and the growing community of Front Sight, Nevada. The training institute and community of Front Sight were both founded by Dr. Ignatius
. Both began as a result of a late night drive-by shooting experienced by Dr. Piazza in his neighborhood while he lived in California many years ago. Since that night, Dr. Piazza has accomplished many firearms training courses himself, become a Four Weapons Combat Master, founded Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Front Sight, Nevada, and most importantly has increased the safety and awareness of firearms training and concealed carry training to hundreds of thousands of people, including celebrities.

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