Ignatius Piazza


Firearms Training with the Best

Firearms training today is growing as one of the most sought out forms of training of today. No matter if a person is seeking shotgun training, rifle training, concealed carry training, general self defense training or any other form of firearms training, he should seek the best training professionals there is to offer. And the greatest of these professionals is the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Dr. Ignatius Piazza and the staff at Front Sight, Nevada.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, although still relatively new to the firearms training industry, is one of the few individuals to become a Four Weapons Combat Master. Since beginning Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in 1996, Dr. Piazza has risen as not only one of the most sought out firearms trainers, but has even founded his very own town. This town is called Front Sight, Nevada. This growing community not only provides vacation rentals and permanent home sites, but also provides firearms training to all residents and guests. These individuals also have full access to any of the many available firing ranges in the community. Although not yet fully completed, an article in Handvapen Guiden Magazine in 2003 stated that already, "Two hundred shooters visit every weekend…they come here from all over the USA to participate in courses at one of the leading firearms training centers in this country."

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is not only the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, but is one of the most trusted and sought after experts for firearms training, whether it be for shotgun training, handgun training, rifle training and even self defense training. With Dr. Piazza and the other professionals at Front Sight, why would a person seek anyone else for their firearms training?

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