Ignatius Piazza


Rifle Training No Matter What

Rifle training in the world today is so important that it should be a legal requirement prior to an individual owning a rifle. However, many individuals can purchase a rifle these days with no prior firearms training or experience. Many states only require the purchaser to wait a short period of time prior to actually taking the firearm in possession. Many sportsmen, or people who wish to take up sport shooting will purchase and use a rifle for the sport, without taking into consideration the risks that they are taking in not learning how to properly fire and care for the rifle. One individual however believes sincerely in the necessity of taking one or more rifle training courses. This individual is Dr. Ignatius Piazza.

In 1996, Dr. Piazza was a simple gun enthusiast living in California and working as a chiropractor. One evening, Dr. Piazza witnessed a drive-by shooting in his neighborhood. This experience made Dr. Piazza realize that simply owning a firearm meant nothing unless the owner understood the firearm and knew how to use the firearm to defend himself. That is when Dr. Piazza started taking firearms training courses and soon became one of the few people to become a Four Weapons Combat Master. Then in 1996, with just a credit card, Dr. Piazza opened Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight's success over the years has enabled Dr. Piazza to build his very own Front Sight community.

Known as Front Sight, Nevada, this growing community provides firearms training, shotgun training, rifle training, and self defense training courses, but also provides plots of land for sale to anyone who wishes to build a home and live in Front Sight, the safest town in America. Soon, people will also have the option of renting a condominium for a week or more and experiencing the luxuries of Front Sight, including rifle training courses.

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