Ignatius Piazza


Shotgun Training with Ignatius Piazza

Shotgun training is more and more important today, not only because people in our society not only use shotguns to defend themselves and protect their families, but also for sporting events. But no matter what a person uses a shotgun for, he must understand shotgun safety. The best way to do this is for that person to take one or more shotgun training courses. But where can a person get proper shotgun training from qualified professionals?

One place to get shotgun training is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight was started in 1996 with nothing more than a credit card and a vision from Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Today, Dr. Ignatius Piazza has not only brought Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to be one of the most sought after firearms training schools for all kinds of weapons, including handgun training, rifle training and shotgun training, but has also started his own town in Nevada.

In this town, individuals will not only be able to purchase their own plot of land to build their dream home, but will also be able to vacation in one of the many luxurious condominiums that will be available shortly. Along with these homes and vacation rentals, people will have full access to all of the firing ranges on the property as well as access to any training needed, including shotgun training.

Every year people are injured by shotguns due to misuse of the firearms. This is because these people want to enjoy the sports associated with firearms, but they do not seek the proper shotgun training needed. Should these individuals seek the proper training from the experts of Front Sight, fewer injuries during these sporting events would occur, leaving a fun, memorable experience.

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